Ear infections are one of the most common infections to get, especially in young children. In fact, most children have at least one ear infection before they start kindergarten!

Having ear pain is a classic symptom of an ear infection, but it doesn’t necessarily have to occur in order to have one. Check out our AFC Urgent Care Ballantyne team’s latest blog below to learn more about ear infections.

Where Do Ear Infections Come From?

Just like any other infection, ear infections commonly come from a virus or bacteria that gets trapped in the middle ear. While anyone can contract an ear infection, they are more common in kids because of how small the tubes in their ears are. The small spaces can make it harder to drain fluid, and it can cause an infection to occur.

If your child comes down with an ear infection, he or she might experience pain or discomfort in the inner ear. As the infection grows, it can cause a feeling of pressure as well. The pain can be dull, pounding, or sharp and stabbing!

Ear Infection Symptoms in Kids

  • Pain inside ear
  • Fever
  • Discharge coming from ear
  • Feeling pressure in ear
  • Difficulty hearing

How Do You Treat Ear Infections at Home?

Our immune systems are actually really good at treating ear infections without needing medical intervention! Even though your child may be in some pain for a few days, most ear infections tend to resolve on their own within three days. Keep your child hydrated, ensure he or she gets proper rest and offer some OTC pain medication if needed.

If your child’s symptoms don’t go away or get worse instead of better, come see us! Some infections need antibiotics in order to recover from, so we can do an evaluation and see if that is the right course of treatment for your child. We are always here for you and your family.

Additional Risk Factors for Ear Infections

  • Individuals who smoke or are exposed to secondhand smoke
  • People with allergies
  • Children age 3 and younger
  • Families with a history of chronic ear infections

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