When you come to AFC Urgent Care Ballantyne, our goal is to make your experience as streamlined and convenient as possible. Your medical needs are our top priority, and our goal is to serve each patient to the best of our abilities.

We know that there are many choices out there when it comes to your urgent care needs. AFC Urgent Care Ballantyne stands out above the rest because of our attention to customer service and convenient access.

How Do We Stand Out Above the Rest?

We are located in an easy-to-access area, conveniently right across the street from Elon Park Elementary and Fitness Connection. If you or your children need us at a moment’s notice, we are right here to help.

Additional Benefits:

  • Clean facility
  • Top-notch customer service
  • Accurate X-Ray services

We Can See You Quickly

Our reasonable wait times are another area where we shine! We pride ourselves in getting you “door to door” quickly and efficiently.

We know that you don’t want to spend hours in our care or in the waiting area, and our goal is to see you in a timely manner and efficiently care for you.

Staying Honest With Cost

  • Our costs are broken down and communicated to you, so you aren’t surprised by any bills.
  • We don’t itemize our bills and charge you for every little thing used in your care.
  • We have relationships with many insurance companies to pre-negotiate rates.
  • Our pricing structure is clear and consistent.

Whether your child gets injured at Ballantyne’s Backyard or you injure yourself during a set at Fitness Connection, we will care for you to the best of our ability. Our convenient and efficient approach to patient care will ensure you are seen quickly and get you on your way.

We are the most reliable choice when it comes to your urgent care needs. We will take care of you at AFC Urgent Care Ballantyne!